Emergency AC Repair Services In Houston, TX

Emergency AC Repair Services In Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring, TX and Surrounding Areas

Emergency AC Repair In Cypress, Houston, Katy, Spring, Tomball, TX and Surrounding Areas

3 Signs You May Soon Need Emergency AC Repair Services In Houston, TXEmergency AC Repair Services In Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring, TX and Surrounding Areas

Emergency AC repair will be necessary if your Houston, TX home’s cooling system suddenly malfunctions and can no longer do its job. While you can rely on us to handle your AC issues, you may be able to avoid an emergency service call if you pay attention to the signs. Some indications you might soon need emergency AC repair include:

  1. Unusual Sounds

    Strange noises are among the most reliable signs of an air conditioner on its way to sudden failure. Do you hear a banging, rattling or squealing noise? These are indications that something has gone wrong. In some cases, the problem might be simple; maybe a component has come loose and simply needs to be tightened. In other cases, the issue might be more serious like an indoor blower unit or outdoor fan with unbalanced blades.

  2. Limited Airflow

    If your air isn’t coming out of the vents with the usual force, it is being obstructed. In most cases, the culprit is a dirty air filter, which is an easy fix, but there are instances where rats and other vermin are to blame. The animals, their nesting material, or droppings can block vents and impede your system’s airflow. An emergency AC repair technician can clean the vents and remove any blockages. They will also run tests on the system to ensure that full airflow has been restored.

  3. Little or No Maintenance

    If your unit has not been inspected at least once a year, you may soon find yourself needing emergency AC repair. According to Energy.gov, an AC repair professional can take care of maintenance tasks like checking for refrigerant leaks, measuring airflow, and applying lubrication as needed. Dealing with small issues before they become big ones is a key step to preventing emergency service calls.

You can always call us at Air Assist Air Conditioning & Heating if you are facing sudden home cooling problems.  We provide fast and reliable emergency AC repair services in the Houston TX area. Contact us today to schedule service.