The summer heat upon us, it is the time to think about your Air Conditioning system. There are a few things you can do around the house to help keep your Air Conditioning System operating at peak efficiency.Your home is an envelope and we are going to give you information on how you can seal your thermal envelope to make your home and your AC unit work together. Homeowners have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of their home and your AC System can last longer.

Here are three things you can do to help your A/C system, here you go weekend warrior!

Sealing Your Thermal Envelope

The first place to start is your ATTIC.

The attic has many places that warm air enters the home during the summer months. This causes a lot of damage to your thermal envelope mainly because most attics are unfinished. The gaps in the attic floor and around plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, or recessed lighting all breach your home. This can cause higher utility bills and it can also affect the clean air in your home.

Your goal is the locate the air leaks. Once you’ve identified the location of air leaks (Hint: which can often be done by looking for piles dirt and dust), you’re ready to get to work. Seal the attic of your home by laying blanket insulation down on the floor if you are not able to accomplish the task click here and we will schedule a FREE estimate at your convenience. In places where blanket insulation may not work, throw down some filler insulation. Around plumbing pipes and outlets, spray some expanding foam. Replace any lighting fixtures or cans with ones that fit tighter within the holes in the floor. As a finishing touch, put some weather stripping along the attic hatch, further sealing it off.