Scheduling a Maintenance of HVAC: When is the Perfect Time

Humans as a whole have this unfortunate habit of shrugging off everything that is not an immediate necessity in their worldview. This can be for anything in general but it is exceptionally true for HVAC maintenance. More often than not, people assume that since it was working perfectly fine when they needed it last season, it will continue to do so this year as well.

Well, the truth can’t be further from that and there will be a discussion on that as well. However, the question remains, why does the HVAC need servicing and when is the best time to schedule it?

Why does it need maintenance?

The straightforward answer to this question is this, for months; dust will accumulate within the HVAC. This can happen inside the ducts, in the vents, and even on the filters. All of this dust will decrease the functionality of your device and not allow it to function at an optimal level.

Apart from the obvious stuff, a lot can happen over a year. A part might go loose or there might be some malfunction that developed over a year due to little to no use. All of this has the potential to cause a major household disaster. So, from a safety point of view, periodic maintenance is quite necessary to fix these budding hazards.

With that, the why aspect of the question is answered. Now arises the when aspect of the question.

When should you schedule maintenance?

So when should you schedule maintenance? The most obvious answer to this question is right before you need the HVAC system. If you need it during the summers, then schedule maintenance towards the end of spring. This will allow you to get an accurate diagnosis of the current condition of your device and let you schedule any furnace repair in Houston, in case there are any, in time.

However, more important than the when is how often is the maintenance happening. Frequent maintenance keeps your device in a tip-top condition which goes a long way in extending the shelf life of the device. So, if you want to save yourself some money in the forms of either repairs or replacement, then frequent maintenance is the way to go.

Through frequent maintenance, your HVAC will have –

1. Clean filters
2. Clean vents and ducts
3. No malfunctioning units
4. Optimal performance throughout its use

So, with all of this in mind, frequent and timely maintenance is a no brainer. And in case you are looking for heating service in Houston, Texas, then Air Assist Air Conditioning is here for you. And not only that, but we are also quite proficient in repairs as well. So if you need heating repair in Houston, you know who to call (it is us).
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