Robert B.

Excellent work!! Best compliments to Dwight!!! We have two heater and two A/C independent systems. Air Assist installed a Media Filter and an UV light on each system plus performed a complete duct cleaning. They have completed a full check on the two heaters as well. Dwight has done a great job at a fair price. We are extremely pleased with the air quality. It is an unbelievable improvement. I would highly recommend it, especially when you have kids, but I would say its good for everybody regardless the age. We have got a maintenance plan with them, so soon they will come back to perform a complete check on the A/C system as well.

Jennifer G.

This company is great! The lady who answered the phone was very nice and responsive.Honest and forthcoming is what I have to say. I had another company come out and told me my ac needed to be replace and that it wasn’t repairable but the technician who came out from Air Assist gave my hope and options. I had never had an maintenance agreement because I thought the companies were trying to up sale me but Dwight explained the importance of have an agreement and he repaired my ac all for under $500.